The Origin Jumpworks 300i

Front View

Back View

Flight Mode

Cockpit View


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Exploration is man’s highest calling. Prepare to chart distant horizons with man’s most sophisticated piece of technology, The ORIGIN 315P. Featuring a more robust power plant and a custom scanning package, exclusively designed by Chimera Communications.


Just because it’s a rough galaxy doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your comfort: The 325A can come out on top in any dogfight. The 325a features an advanced weapon payload as well as a custom targeting system designed especially for The 325A by WillsOp.

The Manufacturers


Origin Jumpworks, GmbH

Origin Jumpworks, GmbH

There is a place where beauty and power meet. The designers and engineers at Origin Jumpworks have spent the past two hundred years building the high-performance ships to take you there. While the price may seem high, you can rest assured that every ship that bears the Origin logo has been thoroughly refined. Owning an Origin craft is the beginning of your flight to perfection.

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24 meters

20,085 Kg

Max Crew:
1 person

Cargo Capacity:
16 freight units