The RSI Constellation Andromeda

Front View

Flight Mode

Cockpit View

Variants matrix


Constellation Taurus

Enjoy the adventure of a multi-crew Constellation on a budget! The Constellation Taurus is a dedicated freighter. Fully configurable but without all the bells-and-whistles, the Taurus is a great way to get started with crewed ships.

Constellation Aquila

Explore any distant horizons! The Constellation Aquila features a redesigned cockpit for maximum visibility, advanced sensors and an onboard Ursa rover for planetary exploration. Let’s see what’s out there!

The Manufacturers


Roberts Space Industries (RSI)

Roberts Space Industries (RSI)

The original creators of the engine that kickstarted humanity’s expansion into space, Roberts Space Industries build a wide range of spaceships that serve all needs starting at basic interstellar travel to deep exploration on the outer edges of the galaxy. The tagline is “Roberts Space Industries: Delivering the Stars since 2075”

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61 meters

80,530 Kg

Max Crew:
5 persons

Cargo Capacity:
1100 freight units